Allow skipping validation for individual mapped entities


It's possible to use an entity without ever mapping it to a specific table or UDT: for example if it's only mapped manually with EntityHelper.get, which can happen with @GetEntity or @QueryProvider methods.

However we always generate a schema check, as soon as a helper is referenced from a DAO. That will produce false warnings. And schema validation can only be disabled globally, not at the entity level.

We could add a new target element type to indicate that validation should be skipped for a specific entity:



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Amol Khanolkar
September 4, 2020, 3:07 AM

Real utility is in scenarios like.. We are storing map in cassandra and fetching few keys .( supported in cassandra 4) want to map them to POJO without manually writing rowmapper.get ( its tediuous), We have selected 1,2 fields from UDT for our view, we have aggregated partition

Mostly when we use with REST api these scenarios are very comman.. So ORM comes handy in my view.

eg. select udt1.a, udt2.b,udt2.c from table where …{parition keys}

Olivier Michallat
September 3, 2020, 10:58 PM

Upon further analysis, the use case looks really thin: even if you're calling EntityHelper.get manually, you're still passing it either a Row or a UdtValue, so there is a table or UDT somewhere. There may be some convoluted scenarios when the DAO has a DaoTable, but that's it.

I'll still open a PR because that's a quick fix, but I'm not sure of the real utility.



Olivier Michallat


Olivier Michallat

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