[s1] Unknown peer xxx, excluding from schema agreement check


Since upgrading to v4.x, we keep seeing the following messages in the client app logs:

We are connecting to Azure Cosmos DB using the Cassandra Java driver v4.6.1. The message seems to be emanating from SchemaAgreementChecker, but it's pretty useless because it doesn't suggest any way to fix the supposed problem. After digging into the code, I think the problem is that the following query returns a new host_id each time it's executed.

It seems the driver is trying to match up the host_id received from peer gossip with the nodes received from InternalDriverContext. I'm not a Cassandra or Azure admin, so I'm not sure what the implication of this is, but given that this warning wasn't shown before, there's some assumption made in the code that isn't holding up.



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Abhijit Sarkar

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